Natalie Portman and the Genesis Prize

Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman's decision not to attend the Genesis Prize ceremony in protest of Natenyahu's policies, sends a terrible message, although she claims to generally support Israel.

Most Israel-haters don't know Natenyahu from the Duchess of York, as far as policies go. It's Israel they hate, period. A snub of Natenyahu is to Israel-haters indistinguishable from a snub of Israel itself. A good indication that Portman's snub supports hatred toward Israel is that "Peace Now" embraces her decision.

Peace Now, which claims to support Israel, is as pro Israel as "El Chapo" is pro life. Presumably to point out the obstacles to peace, Peace Now's website has ten "highlighted" articles, seven expressing disdain for Israel's settlement policies and one on its displeasure with Trump calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Not one article on Palestinian terrorism. Palestinians' cold blooded massacre of Israelis is not an obstacle to peace?

On it's "Our Vision" page, Peace Now states "...the continued military and civilian control of the West Bank ... jeopardizes the fundamental existence and the democratic character of Israel..."

This is such typical twisted Leftist drivel. Keeping an eye on a region that produces terrorists at about the same rate that a garbage dump produces rats jeopardizes Israel's existence? It is precisely Israel's presences in the West Bank and other volatile areas that helps keep Israel in existence.

And that Israel's presence in the West Bank somehow jeopardizes the democratic character of Israel is as ludicrous as saying that the presence of national guards in Texas jeopardized the distribution of apple strudel in Wisconsin. What does one have to do with the other?

Peace Now promotes nothing but hatred. A more appropriate name for it would be "Hate Now." Portman would do her country of origin a great service by accepting the Genesis Prize and not "kill" the country because she doesn't agree with the messenger.