White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 29th, 2017

Hasan Minhaj's speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 29th, 2017, exemplifies the Left's hypocrisy and utter disregard for truth and reality.

In conveying the message that Trump's criticism of the press dismisses our First Amendment right to free speech, Minhaj said, "Free speech is the foundation of an open and liberal democracy, from college campuses to the White House." Really? Has Minhaj just crawled out a cave? Does he have any idea how conservative speakers on college campuses are in fear of bodily harm for nothing more than wanting to give their opinion? Free speech on college campuses is dead!

Trump's criticism of dishonesty and corruption in the news media is no different from pointing out the same issues in any other field and has nothing to do with the Constitution or free speech. Aside from being an ethics issue, it's also a consumers issue.

Anyone has a right to report the news, and anyone has a right to print fiction. But the Constitution does not give anyone the right to sell subscriptions to newspapers or to TV stations that purport to report the news but on a regular basis give you fiction. This is no different from buying a box or serial that says "Corn Flakes" but finding Cheerios inside on a regular basis.

If, after being warned, the serial company did not cease this fraudulant practice, wouldn't the government have the right to take legal action against it? Of course it would! Would the government's action be considered anti free commerce? Certainly not. It's a simple matter of fighting deceptive business practices. And the consumer would even have a right to a refund.

I think Trump should stop talking about media corruption and, after compiling a list of fictitious stories passed off as factual, start taking legal action against the dishonest and corrupt business practices of the media giants. And consumers who can compile a similar list should request refunds on their subscriptions from the likes of The New York Times and providers of CNN.